Global Sourcing

A Word About Global Sourcing

Being competitive in the world markets requires a combination of quality, technology, price, marketing savvy and after-sale service. Purchasing has direct bearing on factors affecting the company's competitive position in the marketplaces. "World Class" is our theme. We strive to be a global leader, able to assist our clients in standing up to competition in any part of the world, against any player in the market. Going global plays a key role in keeping our clients and their products globally competitive through the use of world-class suppliers and leading edge sales and distribution processes.
With nearly two decades of experience, Nexus Identity has developed factory-direct relationships with hundreds of tried and true, reliable manufacturing partners. These partners produce goods in many product categories:
  • Small Electronics
  • Most Things Plastic
  • Printed Paper Products
  • Custom OEM Metals
  • Textiles, Wearables and Plush
  • Bags, Totes and Backpacks
  • Drinkware
  • Eco/Green Energy
We work closely with you to define the product specifications you desire, source the right manufacturer, communicate your objectives, and negotiate the best price. Our goal is to provide you a written proposal within 24 to 48 hours so you can respond quickly, accurately and with confidence to import opportunities.