Factory Direct

Nexus Identity, unlike our domestic competition, doesn't need to rely on trading companies or other middlemen. As an international company, we work directly with manufacturers worldwide. This means we can provide our clients with better product quality, competitive pricing, and the elimination of added costs, miscommunication, and unnecessary delays. Having worked with key manufacturers for all categories of promotional products, we know which factory to approach for each assignment. We work with only the best factories, including ISO-certified factories and factories used by top US retailers. For each order, we choose the best manufacturer for that job based on our stringent standards and the needs of the job itself. We solicit bids from several of our preferred factories in order to select the best candidate based on quality, price, reliability, management, factory practices, and past experience. Our backup systems ensure that your job will go as planned. Personal relationships aside, we investigate each manufacturer's reputation, experience, and credentials. We monitor the factory closely during production, and our quality control team inspects the output to ensure compliance with standards.

Supplier Performance Reviews

The performance of our suppliers is vital to the success of our business. Our top priority is to ensure that our clients receive value for money. Periodically, we review the performance of our suppliers in order to determine any necessary changes or improvements that can be made. The reviews are based on the following criteria:

  • Reliability: Can the supplier meet its commitments?
  • Cost: How closely did the final tally correspond to the amount indicated at the beginning of the transaction?
  • Order Accuracy: Did the product / service delivered match order specifications and quantity?
  • Delivery / Timeliness: Was the product / service delivered on time?
  • Quality: Does the quality of the product meet standards and specifications?
  • Relations: Does the supplier try to maintain good working relations?
  • Personnel: Is the staff courteous and professional?
  • Responsiveness: How does the supplier follow up on requests, response to issues or problems that arise during transactions?